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California Honors Filipino Farm Workers Labor Movement On ‘Larry Itliong Day’


In 2020, California Governor Newsom issued a proclamation that declared October 25 as 'Larry Itliong Day'. October is Filipino American History Month and October 25 is now 'Larry Itliong Day' in California, recognizing Larry Itliong, a Filipino immigrant and farm worker who played a crucial role in leading the farm labor movement. The proclamation said in part, “Today, on this 107th anniversary of his birth, we recognize the great contributions of Larry Itliong and the Manongs, whose hard-fought battles helped advance farmworkers’ rights and social justice...In redoubling our efforts to protect these workers, we honor an indelible legacy which continues to inspire the next generation of leaders across our state and nation.”


In 1913, at the age of 15, Itliong left the Philippines for America, where he first worked in the fish canneries in Alaska. During that time, he founded the Alaska Cannery Workers Union and fought for a contract that limited working hours to eight hours plus overtime. He also served in World War II and later organized the asparagus strike in Stockton in 1948, where he would also found the Filipino Farm Labor Union in Stockton.

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